Ficus Benjamina 110cm

Ficus Benjamina 110cm

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Ficus Benjamina 110cm

This plant will do great both in nice living rooms and in cozy bathrooms, as long as it gets light and proper moisture. 

How To Care

Temperature: 15 to 25°C is perfect if kept all year round.Sunlight: A lot of light will help, but not direct sunlight during the hottest hours. Indirect light is best.

Potting: Ficus microcarpa doesn’t like being moved aro

und, so once in a good spot, leave it there. Repotting ensures nutrients in the soil are replenished. It’s also a way to monitor root growth and check that the potting mix won’t lead the plant to rot. Clear roots that have passed through drainage holes to ensure water flows freely.

Pruning: Once a year is perfect, and you can pair it with trimming, defoliating and pruning to slowly create a majestic, elegant bonsai.

  • Waterput your fingertip in the soil down to the first knuckle, and if it still feels moist, don’t water yetDepending on the dryness of the air, this could be once every three to four days up to every ten daysHaving found ways to increase air moisture will help the plant cope with irregular watering. Don’t let water collect around the roots. Let it drip until dry before putting it back on its saucer.

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