Euonymus 30 CM Height

Euonymus 30 CM Height

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Euonymus is a genus of flowering plants in the staff vine family, Celastraceae. This shrub comes in many varieties and is known for its striking dark green oval leaves and inconspicuous greenish-white flowers. It is quite popular among landscapers and gardeners. These euonymus varieties provide good ground cover and are useful for covering fences and other structures.

How To Care

Light:  Will grow in a sunny position and some that tolerate quite a lot of shade.

Water: average watering needs and doesn’t need to be watered too frequently

Fertilizer:  use multi-purpose organic compost in June and September.

Temperature: The annual daytime temperature should be between 53° –  68° degrees Fahrenheit (12° C – 20° C) and night temperatures between 39° – 53° degrees Fahrenheit (4° C – 12° C).

Potting: Euonymus can be planted at any time as long as the soil is not frozen. Choose a pot slightly larger than your shrub’s and fill the container with a well-drained multi-purpose peat-free compost. Water your shrub well after re-potting to settle the soil around the roots.

Pruning:  if you would like it to keep its shape prune your shrub back to encourage bushy growth. Pruning can be done anytime you feel necessary.

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