Dracaena Fragrans (Fortune Plant)

Dracaena Fragrans (Fortune Plant)

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Dracaena Fragrans (Fortune Plant) 

The dracaena fragrans is a popular ornamental houseplant well grown in both indoors and outdoors. Well known for its shiny good looking green leaves and has a bushy tree type of look and also the leaves will pure various indoor air toxins. 

How To Care

Light: do best in light shade or gently filtered sunlight.

Water:  water well and then keeping the soil lightly misted as well with good drainage.

Fertilizer: Fertilize lightly with a liquid fertilizer that's diluted - once every 2 - 3 weeks. Use calcium supplements to prevent leaf-tip burn.

Temperature: The Ideal growth range is between 16°C - 24°C / 60°F - 75°F. Temperatures below 55°F will harm the plant.

Potting: Plant it in well-drained potting soil,  You can plant root cane pieces directly by pushing into a growing medium.

Pruning: Remove the lower leaves when they begin to yellow. If the plant grows too tall, you can cut the canes.

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