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´╗┐Dianthus is a genus of flowering plants in the family Caryophyllaceae. Most dianthus has pink, red, or white flowers with notched petals. Which provides gardens and balconies with a unique flair, and they are perfect cut flowers and decorate living rooms very tastefully. The foliage is narrow, even grass-like. Plants may exhibit a mounded shape, an erect habit, or a trailing habit. Blooms are heaviest in the spring.

Planting & Care  

Sunlight: Dianthus likes sunny, wind-protected locations

Soil: Dianthus plants like neutral to slightly alkaline soil pH.

Watering: Dianthus flowers need weekly watering. Try one inch of water once a week. Avoid water-logging the soil.

Fertilizer: Dianthus plants are light feeders. A shovelful of compost worked into the soil once a year is enough to nourish the plants.

Temperature:  It can be grown in most climates that do not experience extreme temperatures, but temperatures below 40┬░ F cannot be tolerated.

Pruning: Remove spent flowers as they wilt, and trim any dead or damaged stems throughout the year.


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