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cycas Revoluta is commonly known as Sago Palm, it's not a palm because it's a Cycad, which will  have a beautiful stout trunks and long glossy fronds resembling those of palm trees that anyone will look at it. It's very easy to care and slow-growing houseplant which takes a fair few years to reach their maximum height.

How To Care

Light: need to provide plenty of bright light. The cycas revoluta grows at it's best with bright indirect sunlight.

Water: Water once the soil begins to dry slightly at the top. watering of cycas is important because it should neither be too much nor too little.

Fertilizer: Feed this plant once a month from April - October with diluted liquid fertilizer.

Temperature: Cycas don’t tolerate the cold. Average room temperatures of 65°F (16°C) to 75°F (24°C) are suitable

Potting: It is best to plant during the spring. Propagation is done by seeds, sow ripe seeds in a pot with a soil mixture containing lots of sand, in order to enhance drainage.

Pruning: Trim any yellowing or dead leaves and dust the fronds once a month

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