Jacquemontia marathi

Jacquemontia marathi

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Jacquemontia Marathi

Jacquemontia/Skyblue Clustervine is a very low maintenance super fast-growing vine that has flowers that bloom in blue, the flowering season is all through the year and can to a height of 13-15 feet

How To Care 

Light: Jacquemontia requires at least a half-day of full sun for optimum bloom.   

Soil: Keep the plants in well-drained soil with a drainage hole at the bottom.

Water: Average Water Need, do not overwater 

Fertilizer: Fertilise the plant once in 2-3 weeks during its blooming period with a general-purpose Fertilizer or NPK Fertilizer

Temperature: up to 40°C. Suitable for GCC's climate

Pruning: by pinching back growing tips of young vines. This stimulates branching.

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