Crassula ( Jade plant ) in Pot,  20 cm height.

Crassula ( Jade plant ) in Pot, 20 cm height.

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Crassula  ( Jade plant ) in Pot - 20 CM Height

The most well-known Jade plant usually known as Crassula ovata belongs to the family of thick-leaved plants Crassulaceae. Crassula plants will bloom in spring and summer. Some varieties of Crassula have lovely flowers and others are insignificant. 

Planting & Care

Sunlight: Most Crassula plants need some shade in the hottest part of summer, but require bright light to attain their most vibrant color.

Soil: Crassula plants need very well-draining soil, but they are not particular about soil pH. Sandy or even rocky soil is fine.

Watering: they don't need frequent watering since they store it in their leaves.

Fertilizer: Feed sparingly. You can give your plants a little organic fertilizer in mid-spring, as they start actively growing.

Temperature: Prefer average temperature between 65 and 70 °F ( 18 and 21 °C )

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