Clavel Ramillete  - Dianthus Barbatus

Clavel Ramillete - Dianthus Barbatus

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Clavel Ramillete  - Dianthus Barbatus

The plants feature handsome bluish-grey foliage that is showy and narrow. Plants may exhibit a mounded shape, an erect habit, or a trailing habit. Sow from late winter to early spring in good seed compost. Double slightly scented fringed flowers are heaviest in the spring.

Planting & Care 

Sunlight: Full sun is important for thriving plants, so choose a location that gets at least six hours of light each day.

Soil: Fine sandy soil is required for seedbed (Outdoors) is used as sowing medium for seedling trays 

Water:  Dianthus on the ground is watered twice a week, and potted ones are watered every alternate day.

Fertilizer: Fresh compost should be added to soil at the time of planting is given every 15 days.

Temperature:  Normal room temperatures are suitable. can't grow at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit

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