Citrus lemon Eureka - 2 m ht

Citrus lemon Eureka - 2 m ht

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Citrus lemon Eureka - 2 m ht

The Eureka lemon tree (Citrus limon Eureka) is an evergreen that produces pink-fleshed lemons all year. The tangy and sour, lemon adds flavor to every cuisine. Growing lemon trees from seeds is a bad idea because it can take up to at least 3 to 4 years to bear fruit.

How To Care

LightingEureka lemon Lime trees should need plenty of sunlight daily.

Watering: Need their soil to be kept moist, Best care of lime trees mean that you water consistently but not obsessively.

FertilizerFertilize your Eureka lemon tree with 1 cup of ammonium sulfate (21-0-0 NPK fertilizer) during the first year after planting 

Temperature: They can only survive in temperatures above 50° F

Potting: Plant the Eureka lemon-lime tree in a bigger pot that can freely stand the root ball of the lime plant. Make sure the pot has drainage holes. Lime trees can be grown from seed, air layering, or stem cuttings.

Pruning: prune them occasionally to remove any dead or damaged branches and any small branches growing within a foot of the soil line, looking out for fruit or blossoms which look diseased.

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