Zapota, ( Chikoo Tree )

Zapota, ( Chikoo Tree )

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Chickoo Tree 2 m Height

Chiku is commonly known as sapota. The fruit of the sapodilla is yellowish-brown. Its leaves are shiny evergreen, and the flowers are white. Mature sapodilla usually produces fruits twice a year.

Planting & Care 

SunLight: The Chiku tree likes bright light and direct sun. If possible, keep this tree indirect light for 12 hours. 

Soil: Chiku plants prefer rich and well-drained soil. Prepare a mixture of soil, sand, and perlite for the pot, which can cause proportional drainage, because its roots do not like wet.

Water: They need less water for more mature trees, but irrigation in the dry season increases its productivity.

Fertilizer: Use fertilizer every year in March, July, and September, for this use 8-3-9 fertilizer 

Temperature: Temperatures exceeding 43°C lead to flower drop resulting in a poor crop.

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