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Chamaerops is a slow-growing evergreen flowering plant species from the Arecaceae or the palm family. The plant grows at a slow rate and forms a medium-sized clumping, multi-trunk shrub with a strong root system. The mature height of the plant doesn’t go beyond 5’ feet. Mature plants produce yellow flowers on short rigid panicles. 

Planting & Care  

SunLight: Chamaerops palm grows best in partial shade at a location where it receives bright indirect sunlight. 

Soil: Well-drained. Fertile. Repot every two to three years.

Watering: Water regularly during the growing season. Do not overwater.

Fertilizer: During growing season top-dress regularly with slow-release Palm fertilizer

Temperature: can tolerate temperatures down to 5° degrees Fahrenheit (-15° C).

Pruning: Remove lower leaves as they become brown or tatty. Cut close to the trunk.


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