Chamaedorea in Cermaic Pot 45 CM Height

Chamaedorea in Cermaic Pot 45 CM Height

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Chamaedorea 45cm Height 

Chamaedorea plants belonged to the Arecaceae family and also known by the common names Neanthe Bella palm and Parlor Palms. The beautiful little plant has an attractive appearance with its long green fine feathered leaves, the fronds are popular in flower arrangements.

How To Care

Light: Can be grown in a bright spot or moderate low light.harsh direct sunshine will scorch the leaves 

Water: Medium Watering. They like their soil to be moist in Spring, Summer and Fall

Fertilizer: A general feed once every couple of months will be enough for mature plants

Temperature: Warmth is needed for actual growth to occur 20°C (68°F) - 27°C (80°F). 

Potting: Need to be repotted once a year until they reach a mature size because they will need space to grow.

Pruning: Need to snip off the end of leaves if the tips are discolored, dead or suffering problems. 

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