Carpobrotus edulis (15 - 20cm spread in 10cm Pot)

Carpobrotus edulis (15 - 20cm spread in 10cm Pot)

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Carpobrotus edulis (15 - 20cm spread in 10cm Pot)

A strong and trailing plant, the Carpobrotus edulis is also commonly known as the Hottentot Fig, a member of the family Aizoaceae. They are creeping succulent plants with long stems and green leaves with a triangular section that looks like a cat's claws. They produce showy flowers in various colors: yellow, pink, red, or purple. They bloom from early spring to early summer. The fruits are fleshy and edible.

Planting & Care 

Sunlight: It thrives in full sun, ensure it has a sunny position if grown indoors.

Soil: The planting area for the Carpobrotus plant should have a neutral pH and be sandy and well-drained soil.

Water: moderately all year round; in summer increase watering a little. They resist drought well.

Fertilizer: Fertilize in autumn with manure to promote flowering.

Temperature: Grows best in temperatures between 40° – 58° degrees Fahrenheit (4° C – 14°C).

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