Cactus Branched Potted -60CM Total Height

Cactus Branched Potted -60CM Total Height

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Cactus Branched Potted -60CM Total Height 

A cactus is a great decorative to add interest to your living space. All cactus plants are members of the Cactaceae family, they are all flowering plants, but some have more prominent blooms. They can most definitely survive the warm and dry conditions of a centrally heated home.

How To Care

Light: Cactus plant likes a strong light, it's essential for healthy cacti. It can cope well in direct sunlight.

Water:  No need for much water, water whenever the compost begins to dry.

Fertilizer: Use a cacti fertilizer during the growing season. 

Temperature: Around 18°C is ideal, during summer it's ranging from 70 F to more than 80 F. In the winter, the plants prefer a cooler period.

Potting: Once a year, you need to repot your cactus and transfer it to a larger pot.

Pruning: Usually can be pruned by cutting away diseased portions.

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