Bluebell Vine

Bluebell Vine

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Bluebell Vine

Bluebell Vine is an evergreen climber with narrowly lance-shaped leaves and nodding clusters of purple-blue bells of flowers across, followed by cylindrical purple berries also commonly known as Bluebell creeper.

How To Care 

Light: need full light with shade from the hot sun.

Water: uring growth, water moderately

Fertilizer: apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly

Temperature: Bluebell creeper plants are hardy where temperatures can drop to 20 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Potting: Propagate by seed, sown at 10-16°C in spring or early summer better to plant it in a courtyard Gardens Patio

Pruning: prune in late winter or early spring,  remove the faded flower spikes before they set seed to prevent the plants self-seeding

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