Bismarkia Nobilis 2 M Ht

Bismarkia Nobilis 2 M Ht

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Bismarkia Nobilis 2M Ht

Bismarckia Nobilis is a stunning flowering palm tree, commonly called Bismarck Palm. Bismarck palms rarely exceed 25′ feet. The tree grows from a single trunk, covered in gray or tanbark. The leaves are often silver-blue and the rounded leaves feature multiple blades, resembling a frond. Bismarck palm flowers in the spring or summer, producing pendant inflorescences with small brown flowers.

Planting & Care  

SunLight: The plant should receive full sun to partial shade. 

Soil: Slightly alkaline or acidic soil is fine but needs good drainage to prevent root rot.

Watering: Bismarck palm trees grow best in climates with frequent rainfall. 

Fertilizer:  Apply a controlled-release granular fertilizer of 8-2-12 plus micronutrients.

Temperature: Bismarck palm cannot tolerate temperatures below 27° degrees Fahrenheit (-3° C). 

Pruning: Prune dead leaves any time of the year to promote new growth. 

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