Bird of paradise / Strelitzia nicolai

Bird of paradise / Strelitzia nicolai

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Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise is one of the best-known species of evergreen tropical herbaceous plants. The banana-shaped leaves that sit on top of long stems and the blossoms that resemble the heads of tropical birds

Planting & Care 

Light: This plant needs bright light, even including some direct sunlight, to bloom well. 

Soil: Use rich, well-drained potting mix.

Water: Keep the soil continually moist throughout the year. You don't want it to be waterlogged, but you can expect to need to water it daily in the spring and summer as it loses moisture through its big leaves. 

Temperature: Keep the air temperature above 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. This is not a cold-tolerant plant, and it recovers slowly from frost damage.

Fertilizer: Feed in the springtime with slow-release pellets or weekly during the growing season with liquid fertilizer. This plant is a heavy feeder.

Pruning: Prune spent flowers and flower stalks in the early spring.   

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