Bamboo Ventricosa

Bamboo Ventricosa

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Bamboo Ventricosa

Bambusa Ventricosa normally becomes a giant with zigzag culms and branches belongs to the family Gramineae, commonly known as “Buddha’s belly bamboo”. It was named for the plant’s characteristic tendency to have unusual bulging culms segments that resemble the roundness of a Buddha’s belly. Although it is famous for its fast growth rate and impressive size.

How To Care 

Light: This bamboo prefers full sun with partial shade.

Water: Water regularly, Allow soil to dry slightly between waterings.

Fertilizer: Apply a slow release liquid feeds in spring.

Temperature: Optimal temperature required is 22ºC.

Potting: prepare the planting area digs a hole as deep as the root ball and three times as wide. After removing the soil, mix it with some compost or peat moss. This enriches the soil and loosens the existing dirt so that new roots can spread easily.

Pruning: Remove dead poles or older culms that have reached will promote more flowers or maintain a specific size or shape.  

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