Bamboo Multiplex Green

Bamboo Multiplex Green

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Bamboo Multiplex Green

Bambusa multiplex is a kind of clumping bamboo with deep green small narrow foliage and pencil-thin culms. Nicknamed the Hedge Bamboo or Clumping Bamboo, provides a strong tropical effect in the background and can grow it as an exotic privacy fence

How To Care

Light: This bamboo prefers full sun with partial shade.

Water: Keep soil moist need every 7 to 10 days watering, does not accept over-irrigation.

Fertilizer: Apply a slow-release 14:14:14 NPK every six months. Apply additional N every two months if you want to push growth.

Temperature: When temperatures drop below colder than 20 F. the plants will probably defoliate and the canes will die.

Potting: can reach a maximum height of 35 feet tall, should plant in the ground with open space. Their culms only reach a 2 and a half inch diameter.

Pruning: pruning is needed when broken, diseased canes are discovered, removing the stem tips promotes better branching.

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