Asystasia gangetica in Golden Pot

Asystasia gangetica in Golden Pot

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Asystasia gangetica

An evergreen perennial with ovate to lance-shaped, finely hairy, semi-glossy, dark green leaves and Produces dainty trumpet-shaped flowers in lavender or creamy white depending on the variety and spreads quickly to form a dense groundcover perfect for covering large areas or slopes.

How To Care

Light: They feel good in a bright place, and not afraid of direct sunlight.

Water: Water carefully, making sure that the soil does not dry out.

Fertilizer: From spring to autumn, every two weeks fertilize with mineral and organic fertilizers for houseplants of usual concentration.

Temperature: The optimal temperature for growth is 20-25 . In the autumn-winter period, the temperature should be at 12-15 .

Potting: Cleanly cut just below a leaf joint, up to a 10cm tip, remove lower leaves and pinch out the tip, dip into hormone compound and place them around the edge of a pot filled with cutting compost.

Pruning:  In order for the plant to have a more magnificent crown, nip and pruning are necessary.Cuttings root in spring.

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