Adenium Plant in Pot 80 - 90 Cm Total Height. ( Assorted Pots )

Adenium Plant in Pot 80 - 90 Cm Total Height. ( Assorted Pots )

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Adenium Plant With Pot 80 - 90 Cm Total Height. Pots Assorted - ( Not Similar ) , we use the best suitable pot based on stock .

Adenium desert rose is an extremely beautiful plant and prettiest succulent for bonsai. The frequently flowering plant will be blooming beautifully well in desert settings with its surprising ornamental qualities. 

How To Care

Light: These plants require the highest level of sunlights possible for the proper development and provide bright sunlight area for planting. 

Water: Apply water in the soil directly thoroughly in the summer season and reduce the water in the rainy and winter season.

Temperature: needs high temperatures year-round

Fertilizer: You can apply organic fertilizer in the growing season of the plant in the spring seasons.

Potting: Preferably during the warm seasons and these are relatively slow-growing, and they should not need repotting more often than once every two or three years. 

Pruning: it should be done once in a month and especially during the growing season when the temperature is warm.

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