Air plant

Air plant

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Air Plant 

Air plants or Tillandsia, a type of Bromeliad, resembles a pineapple from the top portion. It will produce many layers of strong leaves that change their color as it grows. It will also develop luscious red and pink hues when the plant blooms. These plants acquire their moisture and most nutrients from the air and rainfall. 

Planting & Care 

Sunlight: Display in medium to bright, indirect sunlight, or in a place, they will receive at least 8 hours of medium to bright artificial light. 

Water: Mist plants with water once a week. Plants do not like to sit in a wet base and are sensitive to sitting moisture. Plants will begin to dull in color if they become overly dry.

Fertilizer: Plants will survive without any fertilizing; however, you can mist or soak with a solution of balanced houseplant food at a ΒΌ recommended strength once a month during the growing season.

Temperature: 60-80F. Do not expose to extreme temperatures. Keep away from air conditioning or heating vents.

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