Agave- American

Agave- American

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Agave- Americana

It’s a species of flowering plants in the Asparagaceae (Agavaceae) family. People like to call it the century plant, as it’s known to live a hundred years. This agave plant produces large leaves which grow in a rosette. Typically has gray-green leaves or blue-green leaves but some varieties have white stripes or yellow leaves.

Planting & Care

SunLight:  Need bright, direct light daily

Soil: For best results, growing agave combines a mixture of sand, peat, and clay..

Water: Ensure the plant receives plenty of water throughout the spring and summer.

Fertilizer: Feed it every other week between April and September.

Temperature: I will be happy in an environment that is controlled around 77° F (25° C). In cooler areas, grow indoors at normal room temperature.

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