Aeschynanthus [ Lipstick Plant Monalisa  ] Hanging

Aeschynanthus [ Lipstick Plant Monalisa ] Hanging

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Aeschynanthus [ Lipstick Plant ] Hanging 

Aeschynanthus radicans belong in the Gesneriaceae family and also known as Lipstick plant. This easy-to-grow houseplant will grace indoor spaces with its robust growth and magnificent blooming from May to September.

How To Care

Light: Place in bright light and don’t let it catch a cold in winter. Ensure that it has enough light to grow well.

Water: Need regular water but not too much during the blooming which is from May to September.

Fertilizer: Provide liquid flower plant fertilizer during the entire vegetation phase, from May to September.

Temperature: Need a minimum temperature  72°F (22°C) for blooming.

Potting: It is recommended to plant the rhizomes in spring. Plant these rhizomes in pots filled with soil mix and keep these cuttings near the light, but not in direct sunlight. Water regularly but not too much.

Pruning: Remove wilted flowers after the Lipstick Plant finishes blooming.

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