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Adiantum are delicate ferns with very small fronds and a lacy appearance, also was known as maidenhair fern is one of the most popular ferns to grow indoors. This plant has delicate fan-shaped leaf segments that are typically clustered on wiry black stems. Maidenhair ferns are known to grow in places where other plants typically don't that may be considered for bathroom areas and bright areas with some diffused sun

Planting & Care  

Sunlight: These ferns need indirect natural/artificial bright light. In case of direct sunlight, the leaves may get burnt.

Soil: can grow in sandy soil. Make sure the growing medium is not dried out for a long time.

Watering: Adiantum doesn't need a lot of water like other plants Just apply water in alternate days and keep the soil moist.

Fertilizer:  If you choose to fertilize your fern, do so with weak liquid fertilizer twice a week, only during the growing season and not in the winter months.

Temperature: These plants are best kept above 70 F. Do not expose them to cold drafts or temperatures below 60 F.

Pruning:  Regular trimming will help the fern grow denser foliage

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