Guzmania Mix Colours 50cm

Guzmania Mix Colours 50cm

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Goosmania [ Vriesea ] 

The flaming sword plant belongs to the genus Vriesea group of bromeliads. Vriesea splendens definitely lives up to its name, with its striking banded foliage and its flamboyant floral display. Vriesea foliage varies, with rosettes of leathery leaves ranging in size from 1- to 5-feet wide or more. The leaves may be plain green or colorfully banded or mottled.

Planting & Care  

SunLight: Vrieseas are very adaptable to a wide range of light. They will thrive in shaded areas as well as areas with bright indirect sunlight. 

Soil: Plant your vriesea in a loose bromeliad or orchid potting mix.

Watering: Water by filling the central reservoir. Keep the growing medium slightly moist, and mist the foliage several times per week. Always use pure lukewarm water.

Fertilizer: Very little fertilizer needed; apply foliar fertilizer once or twice a year.

Temperature: Average room temperatures of above 65 °F (18 °C).

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