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Russelia is a genus of flowering plants in the plantain family, Plantaginaceae. This is a low-growing shrub, distinctive for its long, drooping, usually leafless stems and the almost continuous clusters of small, bright red tubular flowers. Sometimes known as the coral plant or firecracker plant, this is a subshrub with wiry stems smothered in dainty, bright tubular flowers.

Planting & Care 

SunLight: The plant can tolerate partial shade but performs best in full sun, which brings out the most blooms.

Soil: Firecracker Plants thrive in almost any type of soil. Once established the root ball and root system do not like being disturbed. It’s tolerant of sandy, loamy, clay or chalks soil textures, 

Water: Medium Watering required, Keep Firecracker Plants well watered until they are well established.

Fertilizer: Fertilize biweekly throughout spring and summer using a half-strength dilution of balanced liquid fertilizer.

Temperature: does best in temperatures ranging from 65° – 75° degrees Fahrenheit (18° C – 24° C).

Pruning: Prune your plant regularly throughout the spring and summer season to attain or maintain the desired shape and also to remove any dead growth.

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