Jacaranda Mimsifolia

Jacaranda Mimsifolia

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Jacaranda Mimsifolia Blue: 3.0-3.5m Ht, 2'' dia

The jacaranda tree is a beautiful tropical varietal that boasts clusters of fragrant purple trumpet-shaped blooms. The tree grows quickly adding up to 10 feet a year in the first few years of its life, and most of the blooming occurs in late spring to early summer

Planting & Care 

Sunlight: For the best blooming, plant your jacaranda tree in a spot that boasts full sun, where it can get at least six to eight hours of rays a day

Soil: Jacaranda trees will do best in well-draining, moderately sandy soil with a slightly acidic pH level. It's also tolerant of clay and loamy soils

Water: As a general rule, water your jacaranda tree when the top three inches of soil feels dry to the touch. These trees need consistent moisture throughout the year and often require additional watering during periods of high heat and/or dryness.

Fertilizer: Feed your jacaranda tree annually with a compatible tree fertilizer, but be careful not to give it too much nitrogen, which can cause the tree not to flower. 

Temperature: Some jacaranda trees can be tolerant of the occasional cold weather (as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit), but generally, this species does not thrive in climates with frequent freezing temperatures. 

Pruning: Young jacaranda trees should be pruned to form one central leader (main trunk) for strength and stability. 

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